What is SMBC Boys? The Santa Monica Beach Club Boys (SMBC Boys) volleyball program is the oldest and most successful affiliate of the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (LAVA). Established in 1982 and celebrating more than 35 years of existence, the SMBC Boys program has left an indelible mark on the boys volleyball community. With more than 30 medals in national competition, including nineteen medals at Junior Nationals since 2006 — two Silver Medals in 2011, a Silver and Bronze in 2013, Bronze in 2014, Gold and Bronze in 2016, and Gold in 2017 — SMBC Boys is a well-respected juggernaut with alumni scattered throughout the upper echelons of the collegiate NCAA Division One Men’s volleyball ranks (USC, Pepperdine, UCLA, UCSB, Irvine, Ohio State, Pacific, UCSD, CSUN, to name a few). The flagship boys program for LAVA — an affiliation of junior volleyball clubs in Southern California featuring some of the best and brightest minds in the region — SMBC Boys has three locations: SMBC North (Santa Clarita), SMBC South (Studio City), and SMBC West (Thousand Oaks). Each location brings everything to the table one would expect given the historic successes of SMBC Boys — top coaching, structured training, and the superior values and ethics that are so very deeply LAVA.


SMBC NORTH (SANTA CLARITA, CA) — SMBC North is the SMBC Boys location serving the Santa Clarita Valley, fielding talent from the northern San Fernando Valley, the Antelope Valley, and most significantly Santa Clarita itself.

SMBC North launched in 2012 to allow SMBC Boys to better service the young male athletes of its area. The program has fielded a handful of teams each year since then with many returning athletes each year and a consistently committed staff of coaches. SMBC North features outstanding leadership in the form of current SMBC Club Director Chris Reyes, a long-time fixture of the SMBC leadership, Nate Sparks, SMBC North Assistant Director and long-time coach, and Nabil Mardini, Co-Founder of LAVA and long-time Director of SMBC Boys.


Boys club volleyball offers a Fall Season (Sept-Jan) and a Spring Season (May-June) for high school aged athletes (9th-12th grades). Athletes 8th grade and below have a season that runs from Sept-June. Club Tryouts for all ages for boys volleyball for the Fall Season are in early September each year. Tryouts for the Spring season are in early May. Please click here for more info on exact dates and times for tryouts. SMBC North offers full travel teams (regional tournaments in Southern California plus national out-of-state travel) and limited travel teams (no national travel, regional tournaments only). Have interest or want more information? Please contact our staff.


Non-Travel Programs are skills training and development programs with no competitive travel component. These programs are session-based (a certain number of weeks) and seasonal (one session per season), not team-based with a variety of programs available for youth and junior athletes from grades 03-08. These programs are still under development with more info to come soon.

Chris Reyes
SMBC Director
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Nate Sparks
SMBC North Asst Director
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Youth Programs
For 3rd-5th Graders

Why SMBC North? Working off our set of core central goals, SMBC North seeks to provide the young male athletes of our area an opportunity to train with the finest coaches and the most successful structure available. Our coaches are well-respected as both volleyball coaches and as human beings, with strong pedigree and strong personalities. Our coaches will meet and talk regularly to coordinate their efforts, ensuring the quality of instruction and the quality of the experience is the same in the program from top to bottom. The group has won awards and accolades as players and coaches at nearly every level — club, high school, college, professional — and has produced teams as coaches that have won gold, silver, and bronze medals in Junior National Qualifier and Junior National Championship competition and competed in the upper echelons of the SCVA.

For more information on SMBC North, our travel teams or youth programs, or SMBC Boys or the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy as a whole, please contact our staff.